e’lissa jones

Elissa Jones is to play at the Vinum Cafe, Washingtonville NY

Friday, June 13th

e’lissa jones is a professional singer, prolific songwriter, violinist, pianist, and guitarist. She is an exceptionally talented artist who possesses a dark and melancholy voice with a velvety quality reminiscent of jazz singers. Her songs embrace audiences with her powerful melodies and expressive lyrics. Influential styling ranges from jazz, rock, folk and country music in her catalog of over 250 original songs.

This young artist performed background vocals with blues legend Wilson Pickett from 2001-2006 touring with Ray Charles, Al Green and many more. e’lissa in her Folk Music realm has also opened up for legend Pete Seeger, Steve Forbert, and has played violin for old favorites like Bobby Vee. e’lissa has recorded and released five albums. See www.elissajones.com for more info.

Alice Nielsen-Shane

Alice Nielsen-Shane

Sunday, July 18th | Friday, July 25th

Alice Nielsen-Shane plays and sings her unique blues and jazz at the Vinum Café, Washingtonville, NY. Alice is a native Alaskan and has performed internationally, singing and playing a repertoire which spans a broad range of American music. The Times Herald-Record of New York’s Hudson River Valley called Alice Shane’s performance “scintillating” when she won the 2003 “Pick of Picks” (10 best live performances of the year).

Says Chris Farlekas, internationally known journalist and arts promoter, “When I think of Alice Shane and her music, I see and hear quicksilver stars twinkling. She is witty, downhome and her talent is other-worldly”. Alice Nielsen-Shane performs in and around the New York metropolitan area.

Debbie Major

Debbie Major plays Vinum Cafe

Friday, July 11th | Friday, August 15th | Friday, August 29th

Debbie Major is a dynamic world-class vocalist and performer who has been thrilling live audiences for years with her vivacious, melt-your-heart charm and captivating vocal prowess.  Her deeply soulful instincts and sensibilities flow naturally, as she makes every song she sings her own. Highly regarded by gifted musicians and entertainers in all genres, Debbie’s extensive knowledge of melody, vocal styles, phrasing, and repertoire has earned her tremendous praise and accolades from adoring fans and critics across the globe.  She is often the singer other vocalists and producers call when they need to “take it to the next level.” She is also a prominent vocal coach, songwriter/arranger and instrumentalist.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Debbie relocated to the Hudson Valley region of New York State as a teenager, and soon began pursuing her passion for music, performing and traveling with live bands. It wasn’t long before the best players and industry pros noticed her artistry, commitment, and work ethic,  began demanding her for premier events and session work.  Critics have described Debbie as “mesmerizing”, “a sensual stylist,” and “a soulful powerhouse.”  Her engaging stage presence and undeniable passion bring audiences to their feet every time!